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BBC Greenlights Pompeii series

BBC Greenlights Pompeii series

Lion will follow the biggest archaeological excavations at Pompeii in a generation

The BBC and ARTE have greenlit the 3 x I hr documentary series about this iconic site. The eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD destroyed the ancient city and covered it in volcanic debris.  Although much of the city has been excavated since its discovery, a significant area of the city remains unexcavated. 

Present-day discoveries about the Roman world will be combined with a ‘ticking clock’ narrative told through real individuals from history who witnessed the ancient disaster. 

As inSecrets of the Saqqara Tombthe drama of discovery will be seen through the eyes of the archaeologists.  Series Producer is Elena Mortelliti and Producer Marco Gangarossa. 

27 April 2023
Lion Television