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How Homes under the Hammer conquered daytime TV

How Homes under the Hammer conquered daytime TV

The Guardian

It combines bad subsidence and literal song choices with buy-to-let landlords. How did the 18-year-old show become such a hit, with fans including Meryl Streep and Paul McCartney?

How to describe Hammer? People buy dilapidated properties at auction. They renovate them and either flip them for profit, rent them out or – very occasionally – live in them. Presenters Martin Roberts, Dion Dublin, and Martel Maxwell visit the properties post-renovation, to see how the developers, who are often amateurs, made out. There is a reveal; an avocado bathroom set from the 1970s is replaced by an economy suite from B&Q, the developers make off with a £20,000 profit and the circle of life continues.

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14 February 2021
Sirin Kale