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Lion Welcomes C4 Trainee Researcher to Join Development Team

Lion Welcomes C4 Trainee Researcher to Join Development Team

Erica James joins Lion as our new trainee researcher in the development team as part of the C4 PARAS Production Training Scheme, after working on Sunday Brunch for the last 12 months.

Prior to the scheme Erica has worked on Big Brother as a runner and as a freelance development researcher and editor at ACME.  Erica has also created and managed content on her own YouTube Channel ‘Prophets of Rock’ including booking, producing and conducting interviews with high profile talent inc. Prince, Janelle Monae and Lizzo and garnering 200,000 weekly views.  She has been an intern in the Press Gallery in the House of Commons, an online contributor and blogger for Huff Post Live, and a content creator for BBCTHREE|LATIMERGROUP. Channel 4 Paras Production Training Scheme 2019 includes fourteen disabled trainees working across sport, development and production on a year-long training programme (now extended because of Covid-19) working with some of Channel 4's key suppliers.  While on the scheme, the trainees have training with thinkBIGGER! Ltd. on a range of topics including Legal & Compliance, Health & Safety, writing and production skills.  Previous C4/Lion trainees include Sunnah Khan (C4 PTS2014-15) who is now working for the company as a Producer Director and Liv Little (C4PTS2016-17), who is gal-dem CEO.

18 September 2020
Lion Television