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Mary Beard comes face to face with the Roman Emperors

Mary Beard comes face to face with the Roman Emperors

In what the Guardian called a 'thrilling hour' Meet the Roman Emperor with Mary Beard debuted on BBC2 and BBC iPlayer. on Monday 8th April.   In the programme Mary delved into the real daily lives of the Roman Emperors, then the most powerful men on earth.  She explored their scary dining habits, their sexual proclivities, and their paranoia, taking us behind the scenes in the Palatine, mission control of the Roman Empire, and some of their favourite out-of-town palaces like Hadrian's Tivoli.  She reflected on a lot of those enslaved and free who supported the Emperor's lifestyle, from the bag carriers, food tasters - and poignantly, Nero's wet nurse.  And concluded that most Roman Emperors came to sticky ends - often in their own palaces.

Director: Russell Barnes

Producer Helena Hunt

Executive Producers: Sarah Sarkhel, Richard Bradley

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15 April 2024
Lion Television