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Alan Cumming’s Paradise Homes

Alan Cumming’s Paradise Homes

Follow Alan Cumming around the world to see the most astonishing houses and meet the owners who dreamed of their perfect home and made it true.

Alan Cumming’s Paradise Homes is an enchanting, fantasy-filled property series that tells the story about some of the most incredible homes around the world. Fuelled by his secret passion for architecture, Alan is let loose inside jaw-dropping properties and meets the inspired creators who have designed and constructed the home of their dreams, from a waterside retreat on a tiny Swedish island to a family home built above a cave in Sicily and a glasshouse on the Sound of Mull. Across five episodes, this series allows Alan to snoop around each property, discovering what really makes a home a paradise.


HGTV / Discovery+

TX date:

February 2024

  • Series Director: Errol Ettienne
  • Executive Producers: Lisa Hazlehurst & Mat Marsters