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Battle of Britain: 3 Days That Saved the Nation

Battle of Britain: 3 Days That Saved the Nation

Dan Snow and Kate Humble present a three-part guide to the critical aerial battle that changed the course of the Second World War.

It was the battle that changed history.  For the first time, the gripping events of three crucial days are told in minute-by-minute detail, as Britain fought to stop a Nazi invasion.

We uncover the incredible lost stories of the battleā€™s forgotten heroes, ordinary men and women as well as pilots, many of which have never been told on television before.  And we discover the courage and sacrifice, love and loss, of the people at the heart of the storm. 

Dan Snow and Kate Humble take to the skies to relive the twists, turns, terror and triumph of three days that saved Britain.


Channel 5

TX Date:

July 2020

  • Director/s: Stuart Elliot, Simon Smith
  • Series Producer/s: Giulia Clark
  • Exec Producer/s: Bill Locke