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Being Mum with MND

Being Mum with MND

This documentary follows the extraordinary story of young mum, 27 year-old Lucy Lintott, who is believed to be one of the few people - possibly the only person - living with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) to give birth twice.

Lucy was just 19 when she was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in 2013. She was thought to be the youngest person in Scotland ever diagnosed with the degenerative condition, with medical experts having little to drawn on to say how it would progress in one so young. But she confounded all expectations, inspiring many across the world with her online updates.

This new joyful documentary, produced by Lion Television Scotland, tells Lucy’s story from the early days of her diagnosis, and updates it dramatically as she takes on a whole new challenge - motherhood - despite what others might have viewed as the insurmountable physical difficulties of her condition.

The film chronicles Lucy’s courageous path from regaining her independence post-diagnosis to living her dreams against all the odds. It follows her as she plans marriage to the man she loves and goes on an incredible journey, having and raising her two young children.


BBC Scotland

TX Date:

May 2022

  • Director/s: Jennifer Scammell
  • Producer/s: Pauline Boyle
  • Executive Producer/s: Lisa Hazlehurst