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Belfast Midwives

Belfast Midwives

Brand new midwifery series in the heart of Belfast.

5 X 60’ new series following the characterful team of midwives at the Royal Jubilee Maternity Service in the heart of Belfast, one of Northern Ireland’s busiest maternity units delivering 5,000 babies every year.  

Full of warmth, humour and emotion, this is the midwives’ story told in their own words. Each episode features three very different birth stories – from emergency c-sections to extraordinary water births - we follow the midwives supporting a very diverse range of families welcoming a new baby into their lives during this incredibly important life moment.




TX Date:

January 2023

  • Producer Director/s: Emma Oliver
  • Series Director/s: Leanne Chuter
  • Series Producer/s: Julia Shannon
  • Production Executive/s: Laura Green
  • Executive Producer/s: Emma Morgan, Lisa Hazlehurst