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Britain's Biggest Dig

Britain's Biggest Dig

A unique project, filmed over 3 years, following the largest archaeological project Britain has ever seen. Presented by Yasmin Khan and Alice Roberts.

Ahead of the start of construction on HS2, the UK’s new high-speed rail link, A Line Through Time follows two massive archaeological digs as fascinating stories of the people who shaped imperial London and industrial Birmingham are uncovered. The digs are a major part of huge investigations along the 150-mile route of HS2 and reveal vast amounts about Britain’s past. This series focuses on two gigantic cemetery excavations that take place along the line as they expose forgotten stories of the rich and poor, and how the two cities left their mark on the thousands of skeletons buried there.



TX Date:

September 2020

  • Director/s: Tom McCarthy, Harvey Lilley
  • Series Producer/s: Izzy Charman, Harvey Lilley
  • Exec Producer/s: Bill Locke