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Caligula with Mary Beard

Caligula with Mary Beard

Professor Mary Beard embarks on an investigative journey to explore the life of one of history's most notorious individuals - Gauis Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus – better known to us as Caligula.

Piecing together the evidence, Mary puts Caligula back into the context of his time, 2000 years ago, to reveal an astonishing story of murder, intrigue and dynastic family power. Above all, she’ll explain why Caligula has ended up with such a seemingly unredeemable reputation… and, in the process, reveal a more intriguing portrait of not just the monster, but the man.



TX Date:

July 2013

  • Director/s: Hugo Macgregor
  • Producer/s: Caterina Turroni
  • Exec Producer/s: Richard Bradley