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Find My Past

Find My Past

This series delves into the ancestry of people who are all linked to an important event or person in modern history from The Battle of the Somme to the suffragette, Emily Davison.

Find My Past is a major genealogical, ten part series for the Yesterday Channel.  Three ordinary people find out how they are linked to one iconic moment in British history through their ancestors.

This series gives us a fresh insight into the Gunpowder Plot, Dambusters, the Great Fire of London, Jack the Ripper, amongst others, as each of the contributors goes on a journey of discovery to find out the role their relative played in one of these well-known events.

The three descendants finally meet for the first time to discover how they are linked, be it that their relatives served in the same Spitfire Squadron in the summer of 1940 or were rescued by the same lifeboat after the sinking of the Titanic.

This very personal approach breathes new life into these remarkable stories.



TX Date:

December 2012

  • Exec Producer/s: David Upshal