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Just One Night

Just One Night

Rocky relationship? Maybe someone new will help. Couples date someone else – for just one night. Will it convince them to stay together or split forever?

On the cusp of a major relationship decision, temptation beckons as couples who are at a commitment crossroads put their relationship to the test. For just one night, they each date someone new who has been selected for them as their ‘perfect partner’. The couple eye up each other’s date over drinks, before separately heading out for dinner... in this ultimate ‘free pass’ of a night, will dating someone new make them realise they could do better, or will it help the couple cast their doubts aside?


BBC Three

TX Date:

April 2019

  • Series Director/s: Andy Robinson
  • Series Producer/s: Rachel Viner
  • Exec Producer/s: Anna Abenson, Nick Catliff