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Mary Beard's Meet the Romans

Mary Beard's Meet the Romans

Professor Mary Beard looks beyond the stories of emperors, armies, guts and gore to meet the everyday people at the heart of Ancient Rome's vast empire.

We still live in the shadow of Ancient Rome – a city at the heart of a vast Empire that stretched from Scotland to Afghanistan, dominating the West for over 700 years. It was the world’s first city of one million people, but how did it operate? What was family life like? And who were the Romans anyway? By decoding epitaphs and piecing together the evidence from objects and archaeology, Mary explores the stories of barmen, prostitutes, children, sailors, slaves and even gladiators. This is Rome from the bottom up.



TX Date:

April 2012

  • Director/s: Hugo Macgregor, Jack MacInnis
  • Producer/s: Caterina Turroni
  • Exec Producer/s: Richard Bradley, Cassiam Harrison