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Saving Venice

Saving Venice

Venice is under attack from climate change.

The sea level is rising rapidly. Flooding is becoming more frequent and more extreme.

With each inundation of seawater, more salt impregnates the city’s historic buildings.

As it crystallises, it rips the bricks, mortar and stone to shreds. The city is crumbling. Venice’s very existence is hanging in the balance.

Can scientists and engineers find ways to protect this unique jewel of architecture, beauty and culture before it’s too late?

Could the answer lie with a multi-billion dollar flood defence barrier? Or do Venetians need help from an ally who has helped their city for hundreds of years - nature?




PBS / Arte / All3M

TX Date:

August 2022

  • Director/s: Duncan Bulling
  • Producer/s: Elena Mortelliti
  • Executive Producer/s: Richard Bradley, Tom Watt-Smith