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Secret Life of the Holiday Resort

Secret Life of the Holiday Resort

A look at the great British holidaymaker abroad - at the largest all-inclusive resort on Spain's Costa del Sol

In 2016, Spain welcomed a record-breaking ten million Brits to its shores, nearly half of whom chose an all-you-can-eat, all-you-can drink package. With exclusive access to the largest all-inclusive resort on the Costa del Sol, and following the army of staff who look after their three thousand guests’ every need, this two-part series looks at how the Brits behave on holiday. From soaking up the sun, being the first to the sun-loungers each day and consuming 15,000 litre of alcohol, four tons of bacon and five tons of chips every week, and with comments and observations from some of the staff, we follow friends and families as they take their annual summer holiday in the sun.


Channel 4

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August 2017

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