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Style It Out

Style It Out

Nine young designers will compete for a chance to be part of London Fashion Week.

Style It Out is a 10-part presenter-led competition series in which 9 contestants aged 10-14 (the Designers) design and make outfits based on a given theme, using preloved and rescued clothes and materials. As well as encouraging a more environmentally friendly approach to fashion, Style It Out also celebrates everyone’s unique personal style.

With industry experts and Resident Judges on hand to help bring their creations to life, each episode features two design challenges and culminates in a runway show featuring Celebrity Guest Judges and surprise models. 

Style It Out is a design competition. The judges’ decisions are based solely on the creativity of the designs, rather than the technical quality of the final outfits – as the Designers have the assistance of a team of professional seamstresses when bringing their designs to life.

At the end of the series, one Designer is named Style It Out Champion.

An additional 11th episode follows the winner as they prepare for and experience their prize - their own show at London Fashion Week.



TX Date:

January 2024

  • Series Producer: Sarah Clarke
  • Executive Producers: Fiona Piper & Lisa Hazlehurst