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The Great Wall

The Great Wall

There are few objects as compelling or iconic as the Great Wall of China and this feature length drama-documentary takes on this monumental subject with typical style and scale of ambition.

The two hour film traces the story of the building of the colossal brick structure which everyone recognises as the Wall - from the terror of apocalyptic Mongol attacks in 1550 (the Ming dynasty’s own 9/11) through the founding of the nation’s first professional army to the building of the wall itself and its testing in battle. This compelling drama brings us face-to-face with the descendants of the wall’s builders, taking us to the remotest reaches of the wall itself and into the heart of China’s legendary People’s Liberation Army – the first time a western film crew has ever been allowed such access. All in all, like the wall itself, a monumental tour de force.


Channel 4, Discovery

TX Date:

October 2007

  • Exec Producer/s: Richard Bradley