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The Next Pompeii

The Next Pompeii

Discover the scientists' work to keep Naples and its surrounding cities safe from the threat of two mighty volcanoes.

Over three million people call the city of Naples home, but their day-to-day existence is constantly under threat from not one but two active volcanoes. On one side looms Vesuvius, infamous for the destruction of the Roman town of Pompeii, but on the other side lurks an even bigger danger - Campi Flegrei, a volcano so large that hundreds of thousands of people actually live inside its crater. Now, we join the scientists trying to protect this corner of Italy from volcanic disaster. Can they devise better early warning systems to detect the threat of eruptions? Can they find clues in past volcanic tragedies to help predict how a modern-day eruption might threaten lives? Can they find ways to stop Naples from becoming the next Pompeii?


PBS: Nova

TX Date:

February 2019

  • Executive Producer: Richard Bradley
  • Director/Producer: Duncan Bulling