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The Truth About Sleep

The Truth About Sleep

What happens if we don’t get enough sleep and how do we get more? Insomniac Michael Mosley investigates.

Britain is one of the most sleep-deprived countries in the world. In this film, medical journalist and chronic insomniac Michael Mosley Michael teams up with world-renowned experts, picks apart research and conducts pioneering tests on himself, to take us on a journey to find out just how much sleep we need, the consequences of not getting enough sleep, and investigates possible solutions to getting a better night’s kip. The amount of sleep we’ve been getting as a nation has fallen to around six and a half hours. It seems that us Brits just aren’t getting enough. So how do we know? Michael demonstrates a simple test you can try at home using just a spoon, a watch and a tray. You lie down holding a metal spoon over a tray, and when you fall asleep the spoon clatters onto the tray, waking you up. If you fall asleep after fifteen minutes you’re a normal sleeper. Less than that - around ten minutes - then you’re sleep deprived. Five minutes or less and you have severe sleep deprivation. Statistics show that about a third of Britain’s workforce are sleep deprived and it’s costing the UK up to £40bn a year in days off and lack of productivity.



TX Date:

May 2017

  • Director/s: Russell England
  • Producer/s: Russell England
  • Exec Producer/s: Emma Lorenz