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The World’s Most Luxurious Airline

The World’s Most Luxurious Airline

A look behind the scenes as Singapore Airlines bid to create a whole new level of opulence for first class travellers.

Singapore Airlines has been providing first-class travel to customers around the world for decades. But during recent years the rise in competition for luxury air travel has put the airline’s profits under threat. Ultra wealthy airlines in the Middle East are offering unprecedented levels of service, comfort and technology in First Class. But with a revolutionary new design – built in South Wales of all places - Singapore Airlines is determined to outclass the competition.

With exclusive access to Singapore Airlines, this documentary will reveal the lengths that one of the world’s leading airlines goes to build a first-class suite for the super wealthy, revealing the exacting standards first-class passengers expect when it comes to wining and dining Michelin-style in the skies, offering lobster thermidor and vintage Krug to every luxury-seeking passenger. 

But it’s not just First Class passengers that airlines are seeking to impress. Social media is abuzz with aviation aficionados dissecting every detail of airline products. 20-year-old Aviation Reporter Alex Macheras has a vast following of plane enthusiasts from across the globe, all clamouring for exclusive glimpses of the latest innovations. Alex has privileged access to new First Class seats on aeroplane ‘delivery flights’. When brand new planes roll out of the factory, they’re delievered to the airline empty of passengers, except for Alex. Updating on social media all the way, Alex’s verdict can make or break an airline’s popularity amongst the aviation community. 

The image of the ‘Singapore Girl’ has long been a benchmark for in-flight luxury and customer service. Lifting the lid on what it takes to make it as one of the world’s leading cabin crew, Singapore Airlines grooming trainer Amy Lim reveals how she has to be cruel to be kind with the girls whilst dramatically overhauling their hairstyle and make-up - “It’s my job to make them look good.”

When the day of the inaugural launch finally arrives,  first-class passengers give their sweeping verdict on Singapore Airline’s multi-million pound launch. Will it earn its place as leader of the first-class skies once more?


channel 4

TX Date:

February 2018

  • Director/s: Charlie Slade
  • Producer/s: Nabila Hussein, Charlie Slade
  • Executive Producer/s: Lisa Edwards, Katharine Patrick