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Victorian House of Arts and Crafts

Victorian House of Arts and Crafts

A group of 21st-century crafters move in to a late-1800s Victorian Arts & Crafts commune in the Welsh hills to renovate four of the key rooms in the house.

Anita Rani, along with potter and ceramic designer Keith Brymer Jones and Arts and Crafts expert Patch Rogers, explore the arts and crafts movement of the Victorian era. During the four-part series, the presenters accompany six craft experts as they practice the arts and crafts formerly used by the likes of William Morris, John Ruskin and Gertrude Jekyll. Each episode, the experts must learn different but notable key skills such as wallpaper printing, furniture building and ceramic designing.



TX Date:

January 2019

  • Directors: Jane Handa, Karen Walsh
  • Producers: Jane Handa, Kirsty McLaughlin, Karen Walsh, Jolene Crawford, Sarah Howitt
  • Exec Producers: Nick Catliff, Lisa Hazlehurst