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We are British Jews

We are British Jews

Eight British Jews with a broad range of opinions, beliefs and practices, go on a journey to explore what it means to be Jewish in Britain today.

They examine some of the most pressing questions and challenges facing the Jewish community at home and in Israel.

The group meet in Manchester, home to the UK's largest Jewish community outside of London. After getting to know each other, and discovering their differences, they explore what antisemitism looks and feels like in modern Britain and reflect on how perceptions of Israel affect them here at home.

They’ll meet the owner of a local restaurant which has been attacked a number of times in recent years and talk to a Labour MP who has been the focus of abuse online and meet with Jewish students at Manchester University, where they hear how they have needed security when they have held Israel events on campus.

The group then travels to Israel, the country many of the group call their homeland. Starting their journey on a Kibbutz, a communal farm, they then travel the country, and the Occupied West Bank, meeting with people from across the religious and political divide - Israelis and Palestinians - who will force them to question their long-held views.

They travel to Efrat, considered by the international community to be an illegal settlement built on land Israel doesn’t own where they meet a settler who explains why he thinks it is just a regular town.

In Hebron, they meet Noam, spokesman for the Jewish Settlers who explains why he thinks Jewish people have a biblical right to the land there. They also meet Tsipi, a prominent Jewish activist whose father was murdered by a Palestinian.

Challenged by some of the group about how Palestinians living in Hebron are treated, she gives them her perspective on the reason for restrictions on their movement and explains why she and fellow settlers have no plans to leave the town.

They also meet with Palestinians: Issa, an activist; Fadi who tells them what his life is like living behind the West Bank’s separation barrier and Atta, a Palestinian farmer living near Hebron who says his land was bulldozed by the Israeli authorities.

With their journey drawing to an end, the group head to Jerusalem. There, they visit the Western Wall, one of the holiest sites in the world for Jews, before a moving meeting with two fathers – a Palestinian and an Israeli - who have both lost young daughters to the conflict and are now working together for peace.



TX Date:

September 2018

  • Producer/s: Lucie Kon
  • Exec Producer/s: Nick Catliff