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World of Weird

World of Weird

World of Weird is the show that spans the globe in a bid to bring you its strangest, weirdest and most bizarre people and stories.

From Australian artists who paint solely with their penis (he DOES use a brush to sign his paintings, but you don't want to see exactly how) to Japanese agencies that specialise in getting your workforce together for a good organised cry, via real American Vampires to German dominatrixes whom men pay to crush them half to death between their thighs - if it's out there and a little (or a lot) weird, it's in the show. Narrated by Sarah Millican and hosted by Joel Dommett, Vicky Pattison, Ayo Akinwolere, Bobby Mair, Meryl Fernandes, Ben Shires, Michelle De Swarte, Brent Zillwood, Jack Guinness and Billie JD Porter.


Channel 4

TX Date:

September 2016


Exec Producer: Simon Welton